Our Company will incentivize the community with a renewed culture of L.O.V.E. in our Community. Rejuvenating our Communities Economy, Morale & Pride. By the overwhelming feed back and Support for the development of Legare123 our mission is to bridge The leadership of The Governor, Mayor, Councilwomen, Council-At-Large, Ward Leaders, Block Captains, Business owners, Home Owners, Community representative, volunteers as well as our parent company Tremaine Releford Maintenance Services Co. becoming a STRONG Team Leader to turn our biggest eye sore into a pipeline to success. Our company will also provide Veterans, Unemployed Philadelphia residents with job opportunities, community service programs to battle teenage homelessness as well as several partnerships to adequately address and humbly present The City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce Fair Chance Hiring Initiative Opportunity for Employers Directed by the office of Talent Development. Partnerships with STRIVE, Community College of Philadelphia ReEntry, SOAR Reentry Program, PA CareerLink Reintegration Services and Reentry, PHS Roots to Reentry Program for Women and Men 18 and over coming out of incarceration given them the tools resources and soft skills needed to transition into Society and the Workforce. Home Owners & Local Business Owners that Donate $25 or more will be offered free Store Front Cleaning or Lawn Care on The Scheduled & Organized  Community Cleaning Day. Given our Community the tools and plan to implement realistic change with a purpose. It's evident the negative effects of ignorance to blight, eminent domain and gentrification. Once these layers of undetermined fears and  hopelessness set in a community uninformed it becomes a culture and most people end up getting addicted to drugs, incarceration even worst the morgues, cemeteries or missing. I have a vision but we need your help to build a culture of a stability in the inner city of Philadelphia. We are a proud people in this community, also a International Tours destination since honored with that award winning accolade. Who can forget The Back to Back years of Parades with Villanova and our E.A.G.L.E.S. finally winning The SuperBowl we are a Town of Champions. There are plenty of motivated organizations doing a great job of supporting the mission to clean up our city and develop job creation Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is one of these organizations working for years to help our city now they need our support Philadelphia. The Legare123 Campaign is a City of Philadelphia Proposal planned to Clean Vacant Lots in the Community that will implore the involvement of the actual people of that area this will bind participants to the project. By incentivizing the community to organize and implement this plan of partnership with existing Forprofit Corporations, organization's, Non-profit Corporation's within the city of Philadelphia. We can make a new culture of financial stability within these high crime areas and also benefit from The Vacant Lots Campaign that will elevate change in our City.